Kayaking your way

Kayaking your way

The best ways to relieve stress and relax include trekking in the forests, enjoying at water bodies, being amidst nature or just spending time with yourself. Surprisingly, all of these are possible at Whistling Woodzs Dandeli! If the mighty river Kali is the biggest draw at Whistling Woodzs which enjoys a wide river front it also offers water sports aplenty and pampers you with the best of food and accommodation.

The thing about a place of indulgence like Whistling Woodzs is that there’s more on offer than you have the time for. Now take the case of other water sports that the resort offers- canoeing, kayaking, boating, natural Jacuzzi and more. Frankly, after you’ve done white water rafting, your mind, body, heart and soul are all at a blissful state. You feel so exhilarated that you want to experience it again and again. Then comes a moment when your mind craves for some peace and quietude. That’s when you should explore kayaking.

What is kayaking

A kayak is a small single- seat boat with compact seating area. Unlike a canoe where the person uses a single blade paddle, a kayak uses a double blade one. You slip inside a kayak, just the way you would in a race car or a plane cockpit in a compact position. The paddler places his legs in the front of the kayak to maintain a proper balance. Then the kayak is thrust ahead with the weight of the paddler amidst rapid paddling with both hands, every alternate side at a time. The kayaks available at Whistling Woodzs Resort are single as well as double seat ones which are quite elongated.

This makes two persons enjoy the sport at the same time using the double seat. Kayaking adventures are a very relaxing matter because of the extremely personal nature of the sport when the paddler is solely responsible for his movement. Being small, the boat drifts quickly and can be manoeuvred easily. Kayaking in India is possible only at a few places like Dandeli. Kayaking rivers can be the gushing types or the still or quiet flowing ones.

What is important is  safety. Since the river Kali moves briskly at Dandeli, the kayak is a deep seated one so as to prevent the paddler from losing balance and toppling in the gushing waters. Kayaking in the fierce waters is possible only if you are a trained paddler and not otherwise. One can also prefer to kayak in the calm waters of the river whereby the paddler can simply move in a peaceful manner without any turbulence. The area around Whistling Woodzs is surrounded by still waters that meanders through small islands formed in the river.

How does Whistling Woodzs offer Kayaking as an experience

When you set about searching for kayaking near me, you are left with very places that offer this facility. Kayaking as a water sport requires much precautions and safety because the kayak is placed very close to the waters, leaving the paddler vulnerable to the currents. Unlike a boat which is at a height from the surface of water, a kayak just bristles on the surface.

Whistling Woodzs Resort has made available high quality kayaks for its guests. Every guest wears a sturdy safety jacket, a helmet and is equipped with high quality paddles. The kayaks are lightweight and durable and thoroughly checked for quality . You are trained before you even step inside a kayak on the methods of rowing, keeping yourself safe and enjoying the surroundings. Avoid venturing near the gushing waters and keep to the still waters. Changing the direction of your body and the rowing angle turns the kayak in any direction you want.

Why does kayaking make you feel relaxed

Mainly because kayaking adventures is a peaceful activity that is akin to meditation. When you venture into the still waters of the river, fully equipped with safety gear, you are assured that you are not in any risky situation. Then you take full control of the movements on your journey. You can simply stop paddling and you stay still, contemplating on the nature around you and life in general. It allows you to think clearly without the chaos and cacophony of the life around.

Crystal clear waters and the chirping of the birds for company, you row wherever you want, observe more than you can see, connect with nature and be with yourself for a change. It’s the perfect setting for getting new ideas, clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, finding purpose and meaning in life which you just cannot do in the rigmarole of daily life.

That is why people yearn to take a much deserved vacation to scenic places like Whistling Woodzs. Done with your partner or friend, kayaking allows you some precious time together, so needed for bonding. You synergize your movements and synchronize your rowing which can be a real special experience.

Choosing the right kayaking trip

As with any sport involving treading into the waters, kayaking also merits safety precautions. Reputed resorts like Whistling Woodzs go out of their way to ensure all guests stay safe and enjoy the sport to the fullest. Trained and experienced guides train you on the use of the kayak and the means of staying safe at all times. High quality life jackets, helmets ensure you never get hurt. Proper dressing and shoes means you can be comfortable at all times.

And to top it all, the best of kayaks which are thoroughly checked for safety. With all this, you can rest assured that your kayaking experience will be one that leaves you enthralled and mesmerized on being so close to the elements. Water and forests are therapeutic, especially for someone who lives a hectic and demanding life.

No wonder the great George R. R. Martin uses kayaking as a metaphor for the goings-on of life-  “The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.”


Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.