Best Holiday destination in Dandeli

Best Holiday destination in Dandeli

Of the few places compared to heaven on earth, Uttar Kannada district scores high up the list. Endowed with lush green verdant forests, perennial rivers, emerald islands and breathtaking mountains, the district is dotted with places worth visiting again and again. The beauty of these places is enhanced by the magic of the myriad rivers, waterfalls and beaches so also exotic temples and shrines. No wonder, it becomes a preferred choice for enjoying an idyllic vacation. The months from October to March lend themselves to an amiable climate across the country, especially in the Uttar Kannada district where the rains can be harsh and so do the summer months.

Some of the best places for family vacation in Karnataka have to feature at least one of the following – forests, wildlife, waterfalls, beaches, temples or luxuriant flora. What if all of these can be found at one place? That’s the beauty of this district whose headquarters is at Karwar, barely a hundred kms from another equally stunning place, Dandeli.Almost all Dandeli holiday packages revolve around the mystical and feisty river Kali, named for its dark colour owing to the iron ore rich alluvial soil that it carries.

The soil not only lends it a distinct color, it also turns the entire region extremely fertile and resplendent with dense forests, thousands of blooming plants and fragrant flowers. What’s more, the dense forests have been home to some of the most exotic wildlife species like the elephants, sloth bears, foxes, jackals, the black panther and the big cat- tiger. Since you’re always travelling in safe vehicles, even small kids and adults, equally enjoy seeing the wild life in their natural habitat. The fragrant trees and the chirping birds just add to the drama of nature.

Whistling Woodzs has become the preferred Dandeli Forest resort for thousands of tourists who look for a few things that matter – luxury and comfortable options for accommodation, ample recreation activities, great food and a wholesome holiday experience. No wonder it counts among the best places for family vacation and also for groups of friends and corporate alike. As a perfect holiday destination, Dandeli ticks all boxes mentioned above and comes packaged with some eye popping happy surprises. One of them is that the resort keeps expanding its repertoire of offerings, much to the joy of all the guests, most of whom come back again and again to relive the experience.

What is the allure of Dandeli

For one, it is an idyllic destination, nestled in the lap of nature. The tranquil surroundings, pleasant climate, clean air, majestic mountains and wild animals adds to the allure of Dandeli as a perfect holiday destination. The luxury offered at Whistling Woodzs Resort is the cherry on the cake for nature lovers. Guests are pampered no end with choices galore that leaves a lasting impression in their minds and hearts.

Places to visit in Dandeli in one day

Based on what it is that you love, Dandeli offers a plethora of choices for tourists. Kids and young ones are drawn towards the river and the gushing waters. The resort has made available all facilities for numerous water sports to enjoy across the day. White water rafting is the preferred water sport for riding the gushing waters of the river in a raft, peaking the waves at the rapids and all the resultant thrill is just incomparable. The resort can arrange for vehicles of all kinds for guests who wish to venture out and explore Dandeli for a day’s trip. Special guides can also be made available on prior request.

Jungle adventures

Families can plan for some jungle trekking aided by expert guides provided by the resort along with sturdy and safe gear and vehicles. In the safety of the instructions by the guide, you can get deep inside the forest and spot animals in their natural habitat. This excursion is especially enthralling for young adults and adolescent kids, not to mention others of all ages who equally enjoy it. Click innumerable pictures of the wild and the wilderness and bring home stories to narrate for days.

Temple tours

Plan a temple tour if you’re more inclined towards spirituality and Dandeli blesses you with more. From the local Dandelappa Temple, Mallikarjun temple and to Uluvi, you can go further towards Mundgod which is also approachable within a day’s journey and back. Hubli, Dharwad, Panaji, Belagavi are all a little over 100 kms or less and can be reached to visit more temples in this region. An early morning departure and late night return can enable you to plan visit to these places as well. The excellent state highways allow for ease of travel by road in comfortable vehicles.

Magical nature

If mystical nature is your choice, climb the Sykes peak, head towards the Magod Falls, Sathodi Falls or the Syntheri Rocks, Jenukalla Gudda and Kavala caves for some heart thumping fun and adventure. Make sure you’re fit to walk for some distance that leads to some breathtaking vistas and Instagram – worthy images from these sunset points with mist covered valleys below. Drool over the majestic waterfalls that sparkle in the bright sunshine and bathe in the crystal clean waters.

Whistling Woodzs Resort is a charming world in itself. Guests arrive here intending to spend as much time by the riverside, enjoying the water sports, boating, kayaking, natural Jacuzzi and river cycling, zip line and giant swing. At times, they decide to spend some more days in this part and that’s when the resort pitches in with all the necessary arrangements upon request. There are places galore where you can visit and come back to the resort by sundown.

It acts as a natural corollary to the grand allure and the narrative of nature at Dandeli, not to forget that you always leave this place with a longing and planning to come back for more. Peace and tranquil have no match in our lives and no one can underscore their importance in recent times.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.