Best Resort for Adventure Seekers

Best Resort for Adventure Seekers

Wanderlust and adventure are an intrinsic part of every person’s bucket list, but most of us procrastinate because we feel it’s a lot of hard work and discomfort. What if you can enjoy it amidst all the luxuries that you’re used to? Agreed that the best views come after the hardest climb, but remember, you can enjoy the journey more than the summit. Often when we feel stuck in life and work, the best way out is to move, both figuratively and literally. Seek adventure because that’s the perfect antidote to boredom and a sure shot formula towards igniting creativity and boost enthusiasm.

Where luxury meets adventure and the two make for best friends

So why not? Who says adventure means hard work, discomfort, suffering through rough edges and fatigue? The smart generation of today simply chooses to experience adventure in the best possible way, which is to search for a resort with adventure activities. Once you have shortlisted on the nearest adventure places, it is possible to easily zero down on the perfect destination for adventure seekers. The Western Ghat region is replete with places that offer thrill and fun while also being blessed with the most exotic beauty nature can offer. A good 8 months of rainfall means the region is lush with greenery, something city-dwellers get drawn towards instantaneously.

Perennial flowing rivers, rugged terrain that results in numerous waterfalls and rapids in the rivers dotted by tall trees and dense forests and wild animals in plenty to boot- what more could you ask for. Whistling Woodzs is by far the most popular and the Best adventure retreats in Karnataka owing to a lot of thought that has gone into developing it by its founders. Not only does it enjoy the best and widest riverfront ( 400 meters), it is spread across 7 sprawling acres of land. The whole property is a magnet for adventure seekers coming in from all over India.

Whistling Woodzs proves to be the best resort for day outing or as a weekend getaway for adventure for thousands of people every week. With activities like white water rafting, zip line, river cycle, boating, kayaking, natural Jacuzzi, giant swing and more, you can experience adventure in its fullest while you return to scrumptious hot means in the comfort of your luxurious room. What’s more, you can also dunk in the huge , splendid azure swimming pool for some added leisure effect. And if your muscles ache with all the thrill of adventure, there’s the spectacular Spa to rejuvenate your mind and body at the hands of trained and experienced staff.

How do you experience and define your adventure

For someone who is yearning to move out of his nine to five regimen, adventure can be just being amidst nature and more so, near water. For others who seek thrill, adventure could be experiencing some amount of risk amidst controlled settings. For others, it could mean venturing out into the forests and trekking, coming face to face with wild animals and soaking in the beauty and fragrance of nature. The whole experience is beyond an escapade from the mundane, it is feat worth cherishing and reminiscing again and again.

After all, it’s not every day that you get to hop on to a raft, wear all your safety gear and experience the highs of riding on a huge wave of the river and then coming down with shrieks of thrill and joy. You know it’s risky but the fun is in overcoming the risk by taking adequate precautions and that is the true joy of adventure. Resorts like Whistling Woodzs ensure utmost safety of all its guests by way of expert guides who train, guide and accompany you on this path of adventure. That is why once you have experienced adventure; you come back wanting more because every time the outcome differs.

The many paths to adventure at Whistling Woodzs

While white water rafting may seem like the ultimate in thrill and adventure owing to the sheer force of the river waters, there is more to adventure at Dandeli than just that. The region is hotbed for rich flora and fauna. It is not every day that you get to look at wild animals in the eyes and come back unscathed because you were guided by the experts accompanying you. It is also not something you would get to do often when you embark on a trek in the deep dense forests with nothing but your shoes and sticks for company. The forest teaches you many things- to be independent, to trust your instincts, to be always alert, to harm no one and yet be safe and to pick clues from nature that can guide you back.

Whistling Woodzs is one of the rare resorts that offers jungle camping options for its guests on prior booking. The camping adventure is possible in select seasons with due precautions. For those who seek adventure on the property, there’s the tree house, a proper luxury accommodation high up in the trees overseeing the river side restaurant. It has a marvellous view of the river from all four directions. The tree house is ideal for couples, families with kids or even friends. The river sings a lullaby all night and you wake up to see it busy flowing. This high in demand facility is a once in a life time treat for adventure junkies who wish to soak in the nature as much as possible.

Whistling Woodzs Resort leaves no stone unturned when it comes to pampering its guests. The hundreds of people who come back again and again vouch for its unique offerings. With handfuls of adventure, a lavish spread of delicious food, luxury rooms with multiple options, safe and guided tours and ease of reach, the place has earned its stripes for being extremely customer friendly and easily accessible from anywhere in India. The river is the main draw, but the resort is what makes it truly worthwhile.




Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.