Fun activities of Zipline adventure in Dandeli

Fun activities of Zipline adventure in Dandeli

Ever thought Newton’s discovery of gravity could one day provide you with a heart-thumping adventure of a lifetime? Zipline adventure is one which forever changes your perspective about life for the better. Well, no one had even imagined science could impact our lives to such an extent. No, we’re not discussing the epitome of adventure in Dandeli- white water rafting.

Whistling Woodzs resort in Dandeli has more in store that can pump up your adrenaline, even after you’ve done enough of the king of all water sports. Zipline adventure in Dandeli is something one must experience to believe. No amount of explanation can suffice to communicate the feeling of freedom, thrill, and exhilaration when we speak about Zipline. If you have been to Whistling Woodzs Resort at Dandeli and experienced this sport, you will know for yourself how people come back more after they have enjoyed it once.

That is the magic of that feeling when you are literally flying in the air. What’s more, as you take that first leap of faith, you experience a whole gamut of emotions, from trusting your safety net to leaping in uncertainty knowing well that you will be safe, to enjoying the feeling of flying like a bird and to realize that you are capable of taking any kind of risks in life, provided you put all safety precautions in place. Zipline can be one of the most effective ways of allowing yourself to overcome any kind of fear that may be stopping you from reaching your highest potential.

What is Zipline

The name gives it all. It is a sturdy contraption that uses the earth’s gravitational pull to ferry a person from one end to the other. Well, not as simple as it sounds. The resort has left no stone unturned to ensure your safety when it comes to the strength of the steel cable. They even built a large tower to facilitate the high-in-demand adventure sport at one end and used a robust tree on the other end. At both ends, you have trained staff members of the resort who train you, guide you, encourage you, and also fit all the equipment so that you can enjoy your adventure.

How does Zipline work?

A steel cable pulled from one end, which is at a higher elevation, to the other end, is the main part of this sport. Three main objects are handed over to a person before he is set up for his adventure.

  • Zipline set (steel pulley that firmly holds the harness in place, oval-shaped carabiners to attach to the line, and safety lanyard made of high-quality synthetic fiber which can hold large weights )
  • Zipline Safety Harness which is firmly attached to your body.
  • Brightly colored strong steel Helmet

Trained, expert guides brief you about the method, about the way in which you need to slowly move down the line and enjoy yourself as you glide.

Why is it so enjoyable?

Outdoor zipline adventure allows you the rare opportunity to descend from high up in the air as the pulley makes a swish sound, just like a bird mid-flight. When you’re gliding down slowly, you feel the fresh air moving against you, the smooth flight simulating a bird and the views from high above are unparalleled. You are on your own, with the harness as your sole safety mechanism. You know you’ve held safely and hence your mind delves into enjoying the beauty of nature and you live in the moment, feeling like an avian spirit.

At Whistling Woodzs, you descend slowly across the property from a specially built concrete tower that you can easily climb. Once up, the experts there guide you and prep you for the glide. It is advisable to wear tight-fitting comfortable clothes like a T-Shirt and Jeans or salwar kameez along with tight-fitting shoes for purpose of safety. Loose clothing can interfere with the equipment and get trapped or loose shoes can simply slip from your feet and fall off and hence absolutely not advisable.

It also helps to wear shoes so that you can perch on the other side with ease. Most people mention that they could realize a sense of freedom, that they felt they could do more in life than they are aiming for after they try Zipline. Well, they could be flooded with emotions when they say this, but nonetheless, it is an activity that truly allows you to be yourself.

Can anyone enjoy this sport

Absolutely; any person, above a specific age when your physical structure is fit enough to be tied to the harness, can enjoy Zipline adventure. Zipline adventure activity is suitable for people of all ages who have no serious physical ailments or who do not suffer from height-related phobias. In spite of such fears, there have been several cases when people have overcome their fear of heights through Zipline because it offers the comfort of the safety harness.

The best zipline adventure sports providers ensure that you are safe at all times and guide you at every level. Children as young as 13 and 14 years of age, men and women of all ages can avail of the pleasure and thrill of a zipline adventure. However, you must be careful if you’re suffering from serious ailments that could aggravate if you’re at a height.  As you’re descending slowly, you can keep your hands free and need not hold on to the pulley or the harness because you are firmly tied.

So you can wave your hands, spread them out like a bird or even make shapes in the air mimicking a bird. Your friends or family members can also record your adventure from below and also from the tower and tree top. These memories last a lifetime and remind you that you took that leap of faith and enjoyed every moment of it to the fullest.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.