Jungle Safari adventure at Dandeli

Jungle Safari adventure at Dandeli

You’ve visited guests before, but it’s a totally different ballgame in the wild. You can’t inform them, but you’re always welcome there. You can’t take gifts for them, but they offer you the whole forest and its rich produce. You plan in advance, make all safety arrangements and look forward to meet the habitants in their natural abode. Trust me, the deep wild forest is as close you can get to the pristine nature as possible. The jungle safari is a boon for nature lovers to soak themselves in the aura of nature.

There are some distinguished wildlife safari adventure resort resorts in India which are popular because of their rich wild life sightings and safe facilities for guests. One such popular wildlife adventure resort in Karnataka is Whistling Woodzs, Dandeli known for its multiple attractions in water sports and wildlife adventure. The best wildlife resorts are those that offer excellent facilities for travel and accommodation, plan meticulously and execute every trip with utmost care and caution for the safety of the guests so as to enable them enjoy every moment to its fullest.

A Jungle Resort Trip begins when you experience the heart’s cravings to escape the hullaballoo of the city’s din and be someplace calm and serene. Ideally, the best jungle resort is situate close to all the nature’s elements like a water body, mountains, dense forests and inhabited by significant wildlife. Karnataka is blessed to have many such regions which tick all the above boxes and offer more than you ever dreamed of.

Best season for Jungle Safari adventure

Considering the Indian climate cycle, October to June is the best season for planning a jungle safari. Especially in the Western Ghat region, the monsoon recedes by October and the weather is very pleasant. The torrential rains in the forest areas have left the jungles lush green, the trees and plants in full emerald glory and the watering holes for the animals full to the brim. This means the animals have enough to eat and drink at several places in the jungle.

The months from October to March are ideal for early morning safaris when the animals venture out for their feeding after a long night. They head to catch the prey or graze on the grassy patches around and come to the watering holes before they venture inside the forest for the day. The early morning trips also mean chilly weather and misty environs, so be prepare for a surreal experience. This kind of a set up is ideal for wildlife photography as it provides a dream like backdrop for your clicks.

Never forget to equip yourself with a couple of flasks full of your favourite tea / coffee or hot water to fuel you through hours of jungle adventure. Clad yourself in comfortable yet fitted clothes to keep you warm and allow you to move about with ease. Don’t forget the shoes which are ideal for walking inside the forest through its rugged terrain.

The March-June season is quite different from the cool winter months because of the harsh sunlight. Though dense forests allow very little to no sunlight to percolate, yet the humidity levels are quite high inside the forest and temperatures can quickly go high. It also entails that the watering holes dry up and all the animals have to share the few ones that are still not parched. It means that you can spot the wild animals at select few places in the morning and evening. The summer months are ideal for a late afternoon safari when the sun is not as harsh as the noon time and you can return late because the sun sets later than the winter months.

What to expect in a jungle safari at Dandeli

With over 3000 tigers in India, mainly owing to massive conservation efforts, wildlife safaris have grown in popularity in recent years. At Dandeli, concerted efforts from the locals and the government have led to the Kali Tiger Reserve becoming a safe haven for tigers and other wild animals. You can opt for a jungle safari in the forest adjoining the Whistling Woodzs Resort or venture into the Kali Tiger Reserve for a profound tiger spotting experience. For short duration safaris, the resort offers its own safe all terrain vehicles which allow for a wholesome jungle adventure trip.

The expert guides who accompany you are well versed with the jungle terrain and the topography. They also know the most common places to spot wild animals like sloth bear, elephants, foxes, jackals, spotted deer, wild dogs, etc. They can spot the fresh pugmarks of these animals and guide you when to venture out of the vehicle and walk short distances to have a memorable click of the animal from a distance. Maintaining utmost silence and without disturbing the wild animals, one can soak in the magical experience of the jungle and create memories.

The Kali Tiger Reserve allows entry for tourists desirous of venturing for a Tiger Spotting Adventure trip deep inside the protected wildlife sanctuary spread across over 475 sq. kms. and covering Karwar, Joida and Haliyal Talukas.

The Jungle safari can be enjoy twice a day, the first one which begins at 6 am and goes on till 8 am and the next one is in the evening from 4pm to 6 pm. These are the timings when the wild animals come to their regular watering spots for a day’s full of drink before they set off for the day’s catch.

An important tip for all those wishing to spot the big cat is that not all trips result in sightings of the tiger or the elephant. What you can do is soak in the pristine beauty of the jungles, smell the heady woody fragrance, look out for other animals that keep crisscrossing the jungles, look for the birds, reptiles and other smaller animals and admire the rich hues of the trees and the flowers. Listen to the melody of the birds, the constant blowing winds that leaves a flute like music and the play of sun and shadows amidst the trees glistening like a diamond. Step down and walk for a safe distance and follow all instructions of the guides. All you are left is rich memories and a full heart at the end of your visit to your hosts in the wild.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.