Perfect place for weekend getaway in Dandeli

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Like the machines and gadgets we work with, our body needs an occasional reset too. Tons of work, loads of pressure and mountains of stress makes our mind and body buckle. There is a perfect antidote to all those problems of low energy, aching body and a tired mind – it’s called a weekend getaway.

A good weekend vacation that has the potential to immediately spruce up your mind and body does tick some boxes like location, ease of reach, good food, kids and elderly friendly, fun activities and if it has adventure built in, then it’s an icing on the cake. Dandeli is one place that ticks off all these boxes and leaves you pleasantly surprised by offering more.

Weekend getaway trips are best suited when you don’t wish to indulge in an extend vacation but still need a hearty refresh. Some of the best weekend getaway destinations in Karnataka are situated around the hills or the water-bodies like rivers and the sea. Dandeli is blessed with a surreal natural beauty with the rugged mountains on one side and the gushing river Kali on the other.

The river has given rise to an independent ecosystem of its own. The sediment carried by the river for ages means the soil has nourished a rich forest cover. The forests here are untouch and home to some of the most diverse wild life, birds and plant species.

Dandeli weekend packages–  are extremely popular among the city crowds for the ease and thrill that they offer. Whistling Woodzs Dandeli has flourished as a weekend getaway resort in the past decade owing to its splendid offerings of adventure, high quality service, easy travel and excellent luxury amenities.

Situated on a sprawling property, the resort attracts tourists who seek luxury, comfort, safety and adventure with multiple options for accommodation and scrumptious food. So if you seek for weekend getaway places near me, chances are that you will be referred to Whistling Woodzs by not just the search engines but also by myriad people who have been there and are gushing about it.

The resort attracts families and couples, friends and corporate in droves who love coming back year after year because of the alluring charm of the place. Well, who can resist the temptation of a river flowing across an undulating valley amidst dense forests enriched with the wild and wilderness.

What makes Whistling Woodzs Dandeli the most popular weekend getaway place

Undoubtedly, adventure water sport is the biggest draw for people of all ages when they come here. Moreover, the resort has taken great efforts to provide an array of safe and fun activities for its guests. It starts right from the easy booking facility online which navigates you to find a preferred room.

The helpful, trained and professional staff ensures your comfort at all times. As you check in to the property in the morning, you can freshen up and head straight towards the river. The rafting experience lasts for over 3 to 4 hours and can exhilarate you no end. With all the shrieking and shouting, jumping and revelling around the raft, you come back after almost half a day, fully refreshed and mighty hungry.

A lavish spread of all kinds of delicacies awaits you at the riverside restaurant. You will be spoilt for choice for the veg and non veg food that will satiate your hunger pangs. After some brief rest in the lawns or the gardens, you can indulge again with boating, kayaking, river cycling or simply frolic at the natural Jacuzzi. All these activities are not just fun, they leave you invigorated for days on end and with tons of precious memories in the form of pictures and videos.

After a hearty tea and snacks at sundown, you can enjoy in the sprawling lush green gardens or head back to the riverside. Another spread of hearty dinner awaits you along with campfire post which you can retire for the day. All rooms are luxuriously appoint with modern fittings and great aesthetics.

One can hear the river flowing with gusto in the pitch of the night and feel a sense of deep connect with nature. Early mornings are for nature trek on the mountains adjacent to the property. The in-house bird expert Jom Paryekar guides you along the narrow path up the hills and down the vales as he teaches you to navigate your path in the jungles.

He helps you identify birds with their cries and animals with their footprints. Come back to some heavy breakfast and head back again to have more fun in the river or simply lay down at the riverside lawns on a lazy chair. Night times can become fun when you’re with groups because the villas come with private garden and sit outs for huddling together with friends and family over coffee and some chatter.

Guests can also pre-book a jungle safari which the resort can willingly organize with safe and sturdy vehicles and trained experienced guides. The resort adds value to your experiences with some unusual offerings including a tree house, independent villas, twin cottages, jungle safari, jungle trekking, camping, etc. The more enthusiastic ones can also request for a day trip to nearby waterfalls, hills and temples to add meaning to a weekend getaway.

All in all, you can extract fun out of every moment that you spend at Whistling Woodzs because a lot of thought has gone behind making your weekend getaway as memorable and exhilarating as possible. With easy connectivity to nearby cities like Panaji (Goa), Hubli and Belagavi and their airports, excellent road and rail connectivity and great roads, guests can head back home in time for their professional commitments.

After all, you will look ahead to coming back after having witnessed how your mind and body, heart and soul has been thanking you all along for coming here. Bid stress and tensions a goodbye with a hearty weekend getaway in the soul of nature.



Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.