Must visit best place for river rafting

Must visit best place for river rafting

Those tufts of clouds we’d seen as kids, when all we wanted to ride on them. The waves billowing in the seas and the surfers easily riding them were also a sight to behold. That’s when the dream of moving on waves was planted in our hearts. Childhood dreams never die and they find a way to manifest themselves.

So if you’re in India and know that Dandeli has a white water rafting facility at Whistling Woodzs, you don’t even blink an eyelid before booking your vacation. We’ve known of hundreds of people who come back again and again to the river Kali at Dandeli, pulled by the enigma that is its fierce speed and the rapids that make your heart stop for a fraction of the second.

Apart from the Himalayan rivers and some sporadic places in the country that count as the top river rafting destinations, Dandeli is the only place, and very safe at that, where one can enjoy adventure sports white water rafting. Well, for the unversed, rafting is the water sport where you climb a sturdy raft made of extremely durable material and which is inflated and ride on the waves and the rapids of a fast flowing river.

Since Kali river flows here across a very rugged and uneven terrain, it gives rise to several rapids, big and small. It provides the much needed adventure when the raft literally jerks from end to end, many times throwing the people on board into the river. But don’t you worry, the rafts have trained and experienced guides and you’re wearing the highly efficient safety jacket that allows you to climb back into the raft.

As you search for River rafting tours near me, you realize that Dandeli has for long been famous as the best spot for river rafting in India. Moreover, river rafting cost is very reasonable if you consider the thrill it provides and the memories you make with family and friends that last a lifetime.

Best time for river rafting at Dandeli

The monsoons in the western ghat region start to recede by September – October which is when the tourists start to flock the place for river rafting. The season continues till almost May, subject to water levels in the river. October to March is consider the best time when the river is flowing with all its might and you can see its ferociousness combined with a very discipline flow, something you keep wondering about. It’s ravishing but never wild.

The adventure sport of river rafting in Karnataka has taken roots owing to the gushing rivers like the Kali. Whistling Woodzs has ensured that all its guests get to enjoy the adventure amidst utmost safety. That’s why a battery of expert guides is at the service of the guests at every trip. The rafting journey can be anywhere between 4 to 12 km.

A special vehicle takes you to the starting point along with the safety gear like life jacket, a sturdy helmet and the yet to be inflate raft. Once there, the experts start inflating the raft while the guides take a long time in explaining to you the safety precautions which is very important. You are require to wear fit synthetic clothing which is not loose.

The rapids of the river Kali

When the fast flowing river crosses a rocky patch on the earth’s surface, it literally jumps over it which is called a rapid. These rapids are of many levels, starting with the safer ones which are Class I rapids and go on to Class VI which are those that humans should never dare to attempt for their own safety.

The ones at Dandeli are classified between Class I and Class III which are deemed safe with the require precautions. One can choose the distance that covers some of the more adventurous rapids of Class III or simple fun ones of class I and II if you are a non-swimmer or having children with you.

Why is Dandeli the must visit best place for river rafting

For starters, it is easily approachable from all over the country due to its excellent air, rail and road connectivity. Major airports like Vasco (Goa), Belagavi and Hubli are very close by. Dandeli also makes for a wholesome holiday destination owing to its proximity to dozens of other places including Goa, Karwar, the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, several waterfalls, peaks, temple towns, etc.

It enables families or groups of friends to plan for a fun vacation in advance. Couples can plan for their pre-wedding shoots here, destination weddings, it can also host get-togethers, film shoots, corporate conferences and outdoor training programs.

Whistling Woodzs, though set in Dandeli, provides all the luxuries that one would never even imagine. Its rooms are very well appoint with excellent décor and amenities. The food, adventure activities, fun activities for kids and its spacious environs makes for a dreamlike holiday for everyone.

Why is River Rafting so popular

As with any adventure sport, river rafting provides one with the opportunity to experience control over the mighty nature’s forces. In this case, it is the high level of risk involve add to the thrill that one experiences which lures people towards this sport. Any adventure sport entails a person overcoming the odds and riding on the risks which results in a surge of dopamine, the rewarding hormone in our body which makes us feel very good about ourselves.

It also releases stress and relaxes the body. When our body is flush with happy hormones, it results in good health, lowered stress levels, better relationships, a connect with nature and enhanced wellness and productivity. All of this enamours people towards seeking the thrill of adventure sports where it is safe to do so. Dandeli provides the perfect destination for all of this and more.

So the next time you feel stressed and your mind and body craves for some adventure, you know Dandeli is the place you need to head to.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.