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If you have been waking up to the chirping birds and wondering how lucky they are to be living a relaxed life, it’s time you spent some time amidst nature. Nothing rejuvenates and recharges you like nature. Even though you worked hard all your life so that you can earn all those material pleasures for you and your loved ones, your heart aches every time you see pictures of mountains, valleys, trees and birds. You yearn to be there, soaking in the pure air, walking down narrow paths on the mountains and losing track of all work and time for a few days.

If you’ve been experiencing these nature pangs, don’t delay. Just pack your bags and come to nature’s best kept secret of the western Ghats- Dandeli. The small town has big surprises in store for everyone- from kids to the elderly, who can enjoy varied aspects of nature’s bounty. This is a place for all those souls who feel one with nature. The best outdoor activities in Dandeli are all centered around nature’s facets aplenty.

It has the mesmerizing mountains, the blissful forests, enchanting river and romantic trails in the woods. If you have wanted to soak in the elements of nature- the azure waters, the pristine blue skies, lush green gardens and meandering pathways that lead to mountain peaks, look no further than Dandeli. It’s a place that fills up a nature lover’s diaries (and cameras) with its activities for adventure lovers too. When you’re amidst nature, you can be yourself without being conscious of anything else.

What does Whistling Woodzs has on offer for nature lovers

The whole property is nestled in the lap of the Western Ghats with its virgin forests and natural beauty. It has emerged as one of the best place for tourism activities and a preferred destination for activities in Dandeli. This is all thanks to its strategic location enjoying a wide riverfront all for itself, mountains and forest trails adjoining the property and acres of gardens carefully preserved and nurtured.

This sprawling resort has by far been the darling of tourists desirous of visiting Dandeli because it ticks all boxes that one would expect from a place so close to nature. Excellent connectivity, marvelous vistas, scrumptious food, luxurious accommodation, helpful guides and exciting activities for nature lovers makes it a much sought after place for vacations with friends and family alike.

Best activities in Dandeli

The top must do activities in Dandeli revolve around the river Kali. Whether it’s the white water rafting which is available at few places in India or the boating, kayaking and natural Jacuzzi, Dandeli offers exciting opportunities for all nature lovers.

Forest trails

Even if you’re not a morning person, you will wake up with a fresh disposition for the early morning forest trail. Here you get to see first -hand a whole world waking up to sweet chirping, a slight nip in the air, rustling of woods like someone is just out of bed and the atmosphere full of crisp fresh air. Follow the guide- Jom Paryekar as he shows you the various foot prints of animals who have traversed the paths the night before, identify the birds with only their shrill cries and learn how to navigate forest paths along the rivulets.

Bird watching

If you follow Jom, he will teach you to identify birds based on their nests, flights, wings and colors, along with their unique whistles. Capture the resplendent Hornbills, the black – naped monarch with a blue back, babblers, word-peckers, thrushes and orange minivets. You could also spot peacocks, kingfishers with their sparkling shiny colors and starlings. If you carry a pair of binoculars, you’d be in for some more pleasant bird watching. Capture the birds in all their luxury hues in your cameras and flaunt them in your social media feed.

Go falls hopping

The river Kali is a mighty presence that calmly dominates Whistling Woodzs from anywhere you see, like a powerful queen in her capital. But if you wish for some more forms of waters gushing, Dandeli is the place to be. River Kali and its tributaries form several waterfalls in this region, from Magod to Sattodi, Moulangi and Syntheri rocks where you can stand astounded by the sheer beauty of nature. You will gasp for breath looking at how flowing water can keep you spellbound for hours. All these waterfalls are within a day’s journey from Dandeli and you can plan for an extended day trip from Whistling Woodzs. The tranquil spots leave you bereft of any stress and thoughts, giving you much respite from the humdrum of daily life.

A romantic walk in the woods

Rekindle your romance with your better half with a leisurely walk in the woods near Whistling Woodzs. Just keep with the naturally formed pathways and you get deep inside the jungles in the adjoining hills. Smell the fresh air mixed with the heady aroma of leaves and flowers, the intoxicating smells of the soil and the inflorescence that soothes your senses like nothing else. This is aromatherapy at its best and relieves you of all aches and pains while refreshing you to the core. Pause to admire the striking colors of the flowers and the trees and you will find more to do that you’d ever imagine. Pack a picnic lunch basket and you’re all set to spend some quality time together.

Enjoy the quietude of the riverbanks

For those who want some ‘me time’, there’s always the lovely sit out in all villas and cottages where you can perch yourself with a book in hand and some coffee for company. Forget the time completely as you loosen yourself amidst the peaceful breathtaking vistas of the river bank. Whistling Woodzs has created an astounding Riviera on the banks of the Kali, where you can put up a lounge chair and simply gaze into the setting sun and the floating clouds as the river goes by its work on its own. Take a stroll in the well manicured gardens and feel the essence of nature.

Dandeli promises to offer you more than you expected and actually delivers beyond your imagination.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.