Dandeli Villas- escape to a world of luxury

Dandeli Villas- escape to a world of luxury

Like all living beings, humans too have a strong nesting instinct which is not limited to women only. They need to come back to a place that they feel most comfortable. So they build homes and fill it with all the amenities and comforts, make it a safe and cozy place for them and their loved ones to stay in. But this nesting instinct kicks in even when they’re travelling – whether it’s for work or leisure.

When you’re planning for a vacation, you are actually searching for two things simultaneously. One is the places to visit- so that you can make your time as memorable as possible, and the next one is the accommodation. It’s an assumption that when you’re travelling to smaller and remote towns, good accommodation would be difficult to find and you feel relieved when you do. For one, good accommodation at the place you’re visiting ensures you feel safe, well rested and enjoy the stay to the fullest. It also allows you to spend your time in the same luxury, hygiene and comfort that you’re use to at home, no less. Dandeli turns this assumption on its head by offering you unparalleled luxury in accommodation. Finding it difficult to believe? Well, you must visit Whistling Woodzs to see it for yourself.

Visiting the resort with friends, family or even on your own, it offers you a gamut of options to choose from that perfectly suit your needs.

As you search for the best Dandeli Jungle villas and Dandeli Villa packages, you’re greeted with a multitude of options. Guests at Whistling Woodzs get floor by the exotic look and the well appoint villas on offer. If you’re on the lookout for the best villas in Dandeli, you shouldn’t look any further when you’re at Whistling Woodzs.

What makes Villas at Whistliing Woodzs so special

It’s the attention to detail and the key objective of providing utmost levels of comfort and luxury to all its guests that is at the core of all villas at Whistling Woodzs. It stems from a thorough knowledge about what the guests look out for and what are the best luxury facilities that one can provide at this stunning and sprawling property.

The Premium cottages is one of the most exquisite stay at Whistling Woodzs. Not only is it reminiscent of a country villa, it provides you with the best views and amenities. Ideal for a family or a  group of friends, these premium cottages redefine the luxury of space and comfort. A large private garden and lawns, a huge sit-out with chairs, uber -luxe bedroom, a really large size bathroom with a shower cubicle spells class all the way. Dandeli jungle villas anyway are known for their exotic experiences. This premium villa takes luxury to an altogether new level with its premium linen and fittings, furniture, ample space and tasteful décor. This Independent villa provides utmost privacy with its lush green gardens and surrounded by fragrant flowering trees.

The twin villas are the most idyllic way to enjoy a vacation for large groups who desire privacy whilst still enjoying being together. A cosy porch is just the right thing for late night chai and chats. Well appoint and with splendid décor, the twin villas can be book single or together.

The riverside rooms are much sought after for they provide a double aqua whammy- you get to see the gushing river on the front and the pristine swimming pool on the back. If you’re a water-person, this is the perfect stay for you. All rooms, villas and cottages boast of really spacious bathrooms fitted with luxury fittings, showers and other personal care facilities.

Whistling Woodzs also has on offer the tree house which is a premium single offering at the property and ideal for honeymooners or family with kids for its fun vibe. These independent villas and rooms are a sure shot way to enhance your fun experience.

What is noteworthy here is that all the villas, cottages, rooms and facilities, as also the common areas, the vast lawns and gardens are spectacularly clean and glistening at all times. You will never find a speck of dust or rubbish anywhere on the premises for a battery of staff members are constantly dusting and cleaning. Adherence to highest standards of hygiene makes it so comfortable for those who value it the most. Adequate security, excellent trained staff and cordial managers make your stay absolutely memorable on all counts.

Your selection for Dandeli Villas for family must ideally take into consideration the fact that all these options are really spacious, meaning you’re literally spoilt for comfort. The entire property is among the largest in Dandeli, enjoying a huge waterfront of the river Kali. Though expansive, one can easily walk from one end to the other. From the restaurant, to the riverside rooms, from the lawns to the kids play area, you’re never far away from water and its constant sound.

Villas in Dandeli can be book online through the resort’s own website and nowhere else. This makes things extremely transparent and easy. Scroll through the website and get a clear glimpse of the facilities from multiple views. Check out for the reviews and feel assured about your best choice. One can also check online for more reviews and compare the same with other stays to feel assured about your perfect choice.

Guests who have stayed at these premium villas come back year after year and ask for the same facility. That’s more because they’ve experienced luxury that is unparalleled in such resorts, something only high grade hotels can match. It takes much efforts and a host of logistical arrangements on part of the management till you get all the comfort and luxury at this place. But all this effort is worthwhile when the guests leave with a mind full of memories and a heart full of joy, only to come back again to relive the experiences with Dandeli and river Kali.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.