Beautiful tourist attractions in Dandeli

Beautiful tourist attractions in Dandeli

Small towns make for big experiences because they have a very earthen feel to them. They’re untouched by modern cacophony of the cities and exude an old worldly charm about themselves. True beauty lies in nature, in its vast open skies, expansive mountain ranges and gurgling rivers. In the blabbering of the birds and the shrill cries of the wild animals. Dandeli comes packaged as an epitome of everything blissful nature has to offer.

This small town along the western ghats has long been famous for its timber for several decades. The Kali river that flows nearby lends it an ethereal mystic charm. The river is powerful; it leaps and gushes as though in a hurry. It is a living metaphor of strength and fierceness. Kali and its tributaries have enriched the entire Uttar Kannada region, be it the cuisine, the lifestyle, folklore, customs and traditions, worship and leisure.

Some of the best places to visit in Dandeli Karnataka fall on the periphery of the town itself. Almost all tourist places near Dandeli have a water body nearby, be it a river, a dam, a waterfall or a pond. Because of so many picnic spots near Dandeli, it becomes one of the most favoured and best tourist destinations. One can plan a weekend trip to Dandeli keeping in mind that the place has on offer more than one can accommodate in a short time.

Why choose Dandeli for your ultimate holiday experience

It remains beyond doubt that Dandeli is at the center of any tourist’s itinerary owing to the river Kali and the adventure sports opportunities it offers. Since these facilities are available only at a afew places in India, most people flock here to enjoy the thrilling experience. High end resorts like Whistling Woodzs have enhanced the reputation of the town in a big way by offering luxury amenities and safe adventure water sports facilities. It has led to people coming in to experience this adventure from all over the country, thanks to the excellent connectivity by rail, road and air.

Plan your Dandeli trip to accommodate these places

One needs at least 4 days to cover all the tourist places in Dandeli or at the very least, tick off some of the most stunning Dandeli sightseeing places. Once here, enjoy the adventure of the river rafting, boating, natural Jacuzzi, kayaking, canoeing and more at Whistling Woodzs. Gorge on the scrumptious food and relax lazily on its sprawling acres. Then you can head out to explore more places that offer one of a kind experience-

  • Dandeli wildlife sanctuary –

The wild and the wilderness always exist in harmony in Dandeli. Situated at a close distance of a couple of kilometres, this sanctuary offers some spectacular views of the exotic wild life, including the black panther, the barking deer, elephant and on days you’re fortunate, even the mighty tiger. Spot the amazing world of birds and insects, trees and flowers on the way. Inhale the purest of air and the fragrance you would only find in the wild

  • Kavala caves –

If you’re not scared of the deep and the dark, venture to climb down a thousand steps to reach these limestone caves dating back to thousands of years ago. Find a temple at the bottom and wonder how and who would have come here at first. Be prepared to encounter some bats and snakes on the way and on rainy days, even some leeches and creepy crawlies. But it’s all worthwhile at the end when you climb back

  • Syntheri rocks

    A perfect backdrop for drool-worthy pictures, this 300 feet tall granite rock and the dangerous waters of the Kalindi river beneath, make for some real adventure. Never enter the waters without a guard and safety gear for it is fraught with risky whirlpools.

  • Supa Dam –

If you love massive expanse of waters , this is a sight you cannot miss. The Kalindi, a tributary of the Kali, is blocked at this place with a 100 meter high dam spread across over 332 meters wide, resulting in acres of backwaters. The dam is situated barely 3 kms from Whistling Woodzs and can also be seen from atop the mountain when you go trekking in the early morning.

  • The Sykes point –

Named after an adventurous British officer, this place offers breathtaking views from over 7000 feet of the wide valley below. It is also the place to see the confluence of the river Kali and the Nagzari. One can often see clouds drifting and the valley beneath shrouded in a dense veil of fog for most days. Also worth seeing are the Shiroli peak and the Jenu Kalla Gudda for more wonderful vistas.

  • Ulavi, Dandelappa  and Mallikarjun temples –

Ulavi is a place of worship for being the Samadhi of the twelfth century saint, Shri Channabasava, revered by the Lingayats. The Dandelappa temple in Dandeli town lends it it’s name while the Mallikarjun temple nearby is considered one of the oldest Kadamba temples in Karnataka.

  • Waterfalls galore –

The rugged terrain of this region makes way for some scintillating waterfalls, including Magod, Satthodi and Moulangi. Chart your way through some rogh patches till you reach the waters to stunning views.

  • Shivaji Fort –

History buffs can rejoice with the stunning and marvellous architecture of this fort near Haliyal. The huge bastions, ramparts and stunning views of the valley help you understand the war strategies of the times of the Great Maratha King.

  • Dandeli town –

Stroll around the small town and shop for local delicacies like fruit, local jams and pickles, bamboo products and plenty of assorted vegetables you may have never seen or heard before.

  • Go beyond –

Dandeli offers perfect location advantage for venturing a bit further to explore places nearby including Karwar, Gokarn, Murdeshwar and more.

With just a bit of pre planning and help from the Whistling Woodzs team for local commute, you can widen your happiness journey to encompass many more places. Add to your experiences and make memories for a lifetime.



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