Dandeli River Rafting-Are you ready for the most thrilling experience


Dandeli River Rafting-Are you ready for the most thrilling experience

Imagine climbing atop a huge mountain, standing at the summit, the wind sweeping through your smiling face. Imagine flying in the sky on a parachute, gliding slowly like a bird, the wind bringing you down like magic. Now imagine riding a huge wave of gushing water, feeling fully secure and enjoying every bit of it, as the waters splash on your face. You get the feeling? It’s all about oneness with nature, of feeling powerful despite knowing your limitations and the risks. It gives a high that is compared to none.

White water rafting in Karnataka is available at very few places. The prerequisite of this adventure water sport is a gushing river with plenty of rapids. Dandeli offers the perfect backdrop owing to the river Kali that flows across the rugged terrain of this region. It is also the main attraction for visitors coming to Dandeli for vacations.

So why do people come to Dandeli for white water rafting?

Because of the high adrenaline rush, the thrill of overcoming risks and the surge of happy emotions swelling up in your heart. It’s incredibly addictive and hence most of these people come back for more. It also gives you memories and pictures that you hold close to your heart for life. You just don’t get enough of it and feel like time passed away too soon. The most important skill required for water rafting is balancing the raft and steering or manoeuvring it across the rapids.

The best time to visit Dandeli for river rafting is between October and May, though peak monsoon may not offer you the bountiful waters that the first few months can. Immediately after the monsoons, the Kali river is in full spate and yet the rains have subsided. So you get the awesome advantage of riding on a mighty river. Not to forget that this river flows all through the year and barely dries out during the peak summers.

Dandeli river rafting age limit needs to be borne in mind for anyone above the age of 13 can enjoy this water sport. Children below 13 are not allowed because it requires some amount of maturity and strength to complete this trip across gushing waters. All riders are given adequate training by experienced and certified guides for a good 30 minutes before they even step inside the raft. This ensures utmost safety for all.

Types of Dandeli river rafting

Several people, especially the more enthusiastic sporty ones, are curious about the types of Dandeli river rafting options available. Rivers are graded from Grade 1 to Grade 7 based on the terrain, obstacles and the gush of waters. Grade 1 is flat water with no rapids or eddies and small waves- easily done by anyone without a guide, grade 2 needs a guide for it has small to medium waves and some obstacles, while grade 3 has significant waves, rocks and rapids and needs adequate guidance. Grade 6 is handle only by professional train rafters while grade 7 is never attempt and rafts are move on lines across these violent rapids.

Dandeli has grade II and Grade III rapids and hence require guides and adequate safety equipment. So one needs to be aware about the things to carry for Dandeli river rafting which includes synthetic tight fitting t-shirts and shorts (cotton wear clings and gets heavy, making it difficult to move quickly), good fitted shoes, water goggles, safety jacket at all times, helmet and if possible, water proof camera.

The raft can also make arrangement for go-pro cameras to shoot your ride and make it all the more memorable as it captures all your fun across the entire stretch. The detailed instructions about the river, safety, manovering, etc. as also the helmet and jacket makes it possible for anyone, even those who do not know to swim, to enjoy river rafting.

Dandeli river rafting course is of 12 kms on the river Kali but that would take much time and effort. One can opt for the medium course water rafting that takes you across almost 4 kms of the course of the river requiring almost 2 hours to cover. For those who seek better options, one can also go beyond for another 3 kms, making it a 7 kms stretch but only with a guide.

Now if you’re worrying about the Dandeli river rafting cost, rest assured it’s all worth every penny. Prices start from Rs. 1200  and covers the trip in a jeep to the starting point which is almost 4 kms away, all the safety gear and guide. Prices also depend on the season and the duration and length of the trip.

Knowing all of this, it is pertinent to know that one needs to connect with Dandeli river rafting resort that can arrange the rafting trips. Whistling Woodzs has been one the leaders when it comes to organizing river rafting adventure trips for its guests. Upon booking your trip, you are taken to the starting point in sturdy all terrain vehicles, with the rafts atop. Once there, you will receive detailed training about the do’s and don’ts of rafting, safety measures and tips from skilled and certified guides. That done, the raft is inflate and you board it wearing all the safety gear.

That starts the adventurous journey downstream till the Whistling Woodzs resort jetty which is the end point for all rafts. The resort has several rafts that keep making regular trips with guests. One can easily spot the spectacular rafts with their unique colors meandering through the river’s rapids with shrieking guests afloat. The resort has invested in heavy duty, extremely durable and safe rafts and make no compromise whatsoever in maintaining highest standards of safety for all its guests. If you live at a city near Dandeli, you can make a day trip and enjoy this unique sport. Guests can also book villas and cottages at Whistling Woodzs and make the most of the time at hand to enjoy to the fullest.

Attention pet owners, unfortunately #pets are not allowed in this area. We understand that it’s hard to be apart from your furry friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.